3mm Thick Paper Clock

Flex LCD 

Ok, a little big for you wrist but it would be perfect for the computer room. I love all the ePaper applications that are being thought up these days. However, they need a few more:

  • Flags: Just the thing for countries that have short cycle time on what party is currently in power.
  • Bumper Stickers: Vote for the loser and don’t want to be ridiculed by your friends?
  • Envelopes: Make them out of Tyvek and you have re-usable mailers. Download whatever address you need and your set.
  • CD/DVD Jewele Cases: Not the case itself but the liners. I hate having to make new listings of what is on the media. It would be bliss if the case could be synced up to the burning software (hell, make the top surface of the media out of this stuff. On the other hand it might spin the eInk balls to the outer edge when it spins)
  • Post-It Notes: 3M, get on this one.

Ok, if you see any of these ideas out there tell me, ok?

3mm thick paper clock