Alton Brown FAQ

Alton Brown

Ah, Good Eats is about the only cooking show I can stand to watch (yeah, I watch the Food Network sometimes). Mostly I’d say its because Alton Brown makes the entire learning process fun and entertaining. Might be because he isn’t a professional cook. Yep, that’s what I said, not a cook. He only took up cooking after deciding that he wanted to make a cooking show. His day job before the ‘Good Eats’ gig was as a video producer. Did music videos and gobs of commercials for TV. This would explain the high production values of his show. His big reason for doing the show is because when he was a kid he never thought that learning was fun enough and decided to change all of that. From all the people I’ve talked to he hit the mark big time. I like the fact that his shows don’t tell you just how to make one food item but the process behind how cooking works. That is exactly the sort of program that catches my attention. Plus its also a show that my wife and I can watch together, even if she expects me to put into practice my new found skills come dinner time. Umm… yeah… I’m not quite there yet. Maybe in a year or so.

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