Powermoon – Portable Light

I’ve seen these in movies and videos before, you get a nice high brightness (moderately) low heat light like an HMI and stick it in a big white balloon. Fill with helium and strike the light. Bam! Instant moonlight. Not only is it good for making moonlight but it’s great for making soft lighting over a large area where a crane or the smaller China Balls arn’t practical. Plus they look real cool.

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Noelle IUT [Powermoon – portable Leuchten]

One thought on “Powermoon – Portable Light”

  1. it’s a bad idee.
    it’s a new sort of light pollution.
    [You miss it’s intended use, its a portable temporary light source. Once the film/video shoot or other event is over you turn it off and lower it back to Earth. -John]

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