Protopage Busted?


Crud, it looks like one of my favorite web pages is down. I use Protopage to keep a BUNCH of my web links orginized on my various computers. I like the fact that it was the same on every page and so darn easy to maintain. If they are down due to a server crash or somthing it would be nice to have their main page redirected to a ‘sorry, it broke’ page or somthing. I hope it’s up soon…

One thought on “Protopage Busted?”

  1. Hi – thanks for using Protopage – we’ve not had any downtime at all – we hope you figure out what’s wrong! We always post a note to our blog if there is downtime, and even if we didn’t – people would post comments on our blog about it!
    [I don’t know what happened either. It’s back now and I’m loving it! Great page, I use it all the time. -John]

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