Storyboard for “Stimpy’s Invention”

The first time I ever saw Ren and Stimpy was the the short "Big House Blues" at a film festival in 1990. Right then I knew it was a winner. The rest of the evening anyone crying ‘the big sleep!’ would get me and my friends rolling on the floor… Anyway, the folks over at ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project have posted an original story board to a classic R&S episode:

Here is an excerpt from the original storyboard to "Stimpy’s Invention". The board is by Bob Camp; and the last panel, which is a xerox of a layout drawing is by Chris Reccardi. Take a moment and read John K’s notes on how he constucts his stories… and then take a look at how the theories are implemented in this section of board.

Don’t be an eeediot and not see this! 

[via Boing Boing]

John K’s storyboard for "Stimpy’s Invention" episode