Doctor Who – New Earth – Review

Doctor Who 

Ah, the new Who is here! The much anticipated second season of the new Doctor Who TV series has just aired it’s first episode on British television. A new actor, David Tennant, takes over as the tenth incarnation of the Doctor in this season.  You might remember him as Barty Crouch Junior in ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire‘, or as Dr. Gordon Briscoe in the live performance of ‘The Quatermass Experiment‘. So far he has been doing a bang up job of filling the shoes of this historic role. I expect that the SciFi channel will air the new season of Who once the run is over in the UK. It’s a pity that the viewers in the states will have to wait to see the new episodes but when they do it will be worth it.
For more information on the history of the Doctor Who phenomenon check out this entry in the Wikipedia.

Now, for those who don’t mind knowing what going to happen many many episodes in the future if you follow this link you can read all about episode one (New Earth). But be warned, it might spoil your viewing experience if you do… 

Lone Locust Productions – Doctor Who – New Earth – Review