Glide Multi Format Panoramic Camera

Glide Camera 

This camera is for you only if your very  serious about photography. The GILDE 66-17 MST Super 3D is simply amazing. It shoots on 120/220 film (kept in a removable magazine for easy ISO swapping mid roll) in formats from the traditional square 6×6 to the mega panoramic 6×23. It will even accept a variety of stereo lens boards. And if that isn’t enough, it will also do tilt shifting to correct perspective distortions. This is some serious camera hardware! A base camera will set you back about 4,000 Euros, fully loaded runs around 20,000 Euros. To me, if I had the money, it would be a perfectly fantastic camera. It’s got all the bells and chrome you could want in a medium format camera.

Dr. Gilde System-Kamera-Technologie GmbH