Astronomical Toilet Paper

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In an attempt to make astronomy more popular, a Japanese company has come out with toilet paper that is printed with astronomical information. So far you can get either ‘The life of a star’ or ‘Beyond the zodiac’. ‘The life of a star’ tells the story of solar evolution, from a molecular cloud up to a planetary nebula. A translation can be found here. The second set, ‘Beyond the zodiac’, as they say, "… we represent the signs of zodiac and some astronomical objects toward these constellations. You can feel the depth of the universe with this ATP." I’d hope that you would feel the softness of the paper and not the universe but that’s another story.
As a teaching tool it will probably go a long way in increasing the awareness of astronomy among those who read while doing their business.

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Astronomical Toilet Paper

Posted: May 11th, 2006
at 7:25am by John

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