Scrolling LED Display For Less Than $20

Cheap Scroling LED Display 

People need computers with blinking lights. I slave away at a Macintosh all day and all I have to look at is a calm glowing white light. It glows the same way when the thing is doing nothing as is does when the CPUs are maxed out and locked up. I can’t even tell if there is any hard drive activity! Now, I can’t put this project on the Mac. For starters it’s not mine, work owns it. Second, there is that lack of a parallel port that causes some problems. However, this would work just fine on my PC. The front LED that shows hard drive activity is blown out (what is this problem I have with lack of hard drive feedback?!?) so this would be a cool indicator of when my drives are off in a world of their own. Unlike the author of the how to I don’t have a fancy table saw to make a mount for it, I’ll have to make do with hot glue. ;P

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Put a scrolling LED display in your computer for less than $20