Record Meteorite Hit Norway



A chunk of rock from space hit Norway a few days ago and it could be a record setter. Many people reported seeing the fireball and the smoke trail and then the sound of the impact:

Farmer Peter Bruvold was out on his farm in Lyngseidet with a camera because his mare Virika was about to foal for the first time.

"I saw a brilliant flash of light in the sky, and this became a light with a tail of smoke," Bruvold told He photographed the object and then continued to tend to his animals when he heard an enormous crash.

"I heard the bang seven minutes later. It sounded like when you set off a solid charge of dynamite a kilometer (0.62 miles) away," Bruvold said.

Astronomers were excited by the news.

 I’ll bet. With some luck the meteorite can be recovered and studied. For more information on meteorites, check out Wikipedia.

Record meteorite hit Norway