Epson A6 QXGA Electronic Paper

Epson epaper 

The technology of thin film displays marches on. I’ll take my place in line for a roll up computer monitor as soon as they hit the streets.

Epson announced that they successfully developed a A6 (7.1") QXGA (1536×2048) Electronic paper using the SUFTLA Technology (Surface-free technology by laser annealing) son poly-Si TFT-LCD.?
In order to realize electronic devices on plastic film, new technology has been developed that enables the transfer of thin-film devices from an original substrate to another substrate by using laser irradiation. This technology was termed SUFTLA, which stands for surface-free technology by laser annealing. A polycrystalline-silicon thin film transistor (poly-Si TFT) back-plane for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) with integrated drivers was fabricated using a low-temperature process (below 425/spl deg/C) and could be successfully transferred from a glass or quartz substrate to plastic film using this technology. This technology enabled us to fabricate an all-plastic substrate TFT-LCD having a display area of 0.7 in measured diagonally and a pixel count of 428/spl times/238. In addition, the operation of the integrated drivers and the displayed image could be confirmed for the first time in the world.

Epson A6 QXGA Electronic Paper

Posted: June 12th, 2006
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