The Venture Bros Season 2

Ah, the The Venture Brothers are back on Cartoon Network! I remember seeing the first season and realized that I’d struck Adult Swim gold. If your not familiar with the series, it features the Ventures, a  super science family that fights super villains in much the same way that our old friends the  Quest family did. That is, if the Quest family was totally dysfunctional. The good Dr. Venture is not a doctor at all (he never finished university) and lives off the genius of his dead father. His kids, Dean and Hank have agood intentions of fail at being adventurous in just about every way. The family body guard, Brock Sampson, has a violent streak a mile wide and enjoys exercising his license to kill. The series is wonderfully crafted in the style of the old Hanna-Barbera cartoons and the writing is top notch. The first season was great and the second looks to be even better.

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