Flying Disk Camera

Frisbee camera 

You know, with a setup like this the sport of disc golf could be as interesting as Nascar. If I lost you with that one, lets start with the basics. Disc golf is where a small group of people try to land a thrown spinning disk into baskets made out of chains at some parks. I suppose they enjoy it, all I know is that whenever there is a group of ‘golfers’ in a park all the other people there had better head for the hills as their very lives are at stake. The players seldom announce their themselves before shooting at a ‘hole’. Even if you have been there long before the golfers arrived. Having a Frisbee land in your picnic is a bit of an upset. Anyway, that said I think we all know what Nascar is. I mean with the movie Cars and such its hard not to know what it is. Now I have a feeling that the entire televised racing thing hit big when some genius realized they having a live camera inside of a car was exactly what everyone wanted. That is entirely true. Now you not only watch the sport to see the cars crash and burn like you normally could if you were in the stands but now, if you were extra lucky, you could see it just the way the driver saw it. Ooo, I smell ratings! Now, if follow this path you could say that if you put a camera on anything and let the viewers experience a new point of view you have gold. See what I’m getting at here? The white fin on the Frisbee is a rudder that keeps a small video camera looking in the right direction when the disk is thrown. Genius! I expect this on The Ocho any day now.

The Frisbee Camera