No iPod? No Problem!

iTunes Agent I recently started using my Viewsonic V36 PDA as an MP3 player. Yeah, I know, Earth shaking news ain’t it. Well as I use iTunes as my music orginizer I knew that I’d be jumping through hoops to get music on to the PDA. You don’t know how happy I was when I found this app.

iTunes is a great music player and organizer. Unfortunately iTunes is made to only synchronize with iPods. Not everyone own an iPod, though Apple certainly would have loved that. How great would it not be if you could synchronize your non-iPod MP3 player, your Playstation Portable and your Walkman phone with your iTunes Library? Enter: iTunes Agent!

It works great, heck I told a guy at work about it and he’s using it to sync his phone to his library.

iTunes Agent

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