SolargraphyThis is a very cool photo project. PhD hopeful Tarja Trygg of Helsinki has been taking multi month long exposure pinhole photos of the sun .
"I began my experiments in May, 2002 with short exposure times and as I continued to research this method my interest has grown bigger and bigger like a snow ball rolling forward. I wanted to have solargraphs even to a half year exposure time."
Tarja relies on ‘can assistants’ around the world to place cameras at various latitudes. "I tried to make a global map of solargraphs. But it is not possible to do this alone. Of course I liked the idea to get a sponsor who would finance me traveling all around the world for installing my pinhole cameras all over the world. After that I would travel again to pick them up. But, because I have no sponsors and no money I thought it would be better to ask volunteers ‘can assistants’ to help me.’

This could be a great summer project for kids. Start the exposure now and when the winter break hits develope the image.  

[via Pinhole Visions


Posted: August 2nd, 2006
at 7:06pm by John

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