Pinhole Light Meter

I’ve often thought that having a light meter that would work in the realm of pinhole cameras without conversions was only the stuff of dreams. Well not any more. 

"I have been taking Pinhole Images with a Zero 2000 Pinhole Camera for about 7 years. To improve the exposure accuracy of my images I have created a prototype specialist Light Meter especially for my Pinhole cameras. One of its more unusual features, and the main one I wanted, is that it integrates or sums incident light over the exposure time. Thus a creating perfect exposures in variable lighting conditions (sunsets, clouds, multiple flashes, etc.) . The f/stops I use are f/45, f/48, f/55, f/128, f/138, f/158, f/176, f/216, f/235 but they are just programmed into the microcontroller. Film ISO/ASA rating (ISO 3 to 8000 in 1/3 stop increments). I user Fuji Provia F100 which appears to have negligible reprocity but that could easily be programmed in. It also functions as a Timer, Normal Light Meter and via its TTL output and a battery powered prototype Shutter Driver I created it can control shutters like the ILEX No 3. Synchro Electronic Shutter (which you can buy off eBay for US $20) or Melles Griot 04 IES 213. I currently use it with a heavily customized Zero 2000 Pinhole Camera and "UltraThin" Melles Griot 04 UTS 203 Electronic Shutter. Here are some pictures of the functioning prototype… I’m kind of wondering if it’s worth taking this project further, would anyone else want to use such a device?"

Very cool. 

[via Make]

Integrated pinhole light meter, time & shutter driver