Ghost in the Shell Tachikoma Robot


This broke my heart when I found out that this robot is just used to promote the upcoming Ghost in the Shell DVD "Solid State Society". Crud, I was hoping that it was a general release item (check out its specs). The robot, or ‘tachikoma‘ as it’s called in the series, is a police robots that is fast, agile, and sports quite a personality. Imagine a hyper Japanese school girl in the armored body of a high speed, gun toting robot. Cool, eh? Yeah! Well this robot model is about foot and a half long and has 19 degrees of movement. There are a few videos of it moving here and here. By the way, the designer of these guys is Tomotaka Takahashi. He’s kind of a God amongst robot designers. If you wondering why you should go have a look at some of his creations.

[via Robot Gossip]

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