Hey! Spring of Trivia Button

Hey buttonNot many people inthe US know about the hit Japanese show "Hey! Spring of Trivia" but it’s a Japanese game show that was shown for a while on Spike TV here in the states. Its still going strong in it’s native land where each week trivia is put to the test. It’s amazingly popular, you can find segments on YouTube if you want to see the originals. The trivia is given ‘hey’ ratings by the celebrity judges on theas to how impressed they were with the trivia. The number of ‘heys’ received translate into the amount of money the submitter gets. 80 heys, 8,000 yen. A perfect score is 100 and that gets the lucky submitter 10,000 yen.

As the show is popular as all get out, Bandai has made a hey button that you can use to play along with the show or even to be used during normal day conversation. It beats applause or screaming I guess.

That button of spring of ~ popularity television program [toribia]

(original Japanese)

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