Jinsei Ginkou

I love the idea of a toy bank that gives you a visual analogy of how much you’ve been saving. Even if the bank is set to use 500 yen (about $5US) it would still work if you fed it dollar coins or even quarters.

TakaraTomy have come up with another great, wacky product in the Life Bank (Jinsei Ginkou), the riff on the coin bank that the 21st century has been waiting for. The Bank’s screen shows you the life of a stick man who starts out as a poor pleb in a cupboard-sized apartment and develops into a rich bastard lounging under a chandelier on the 500 yen coins you feed him, all the while counting you down to your up-to-Y100,000 savings target. Then you open up the box and find he actually has spent all your money on 8-bit hos and lo-rez champagne. Out mid-November in Japan for around Y4,000-Y5,000.

TakaraTomy’s fusion of Tamagotchi and coin bank

It’s a flash site or I’d run the link through Google or Excite. 

???? – Jinsei Ginkou