STAX Food System

Chris Powells' STAX system 

If anyone asks me my opinion on weight loss I just say eat less and move around more. It’s a simple concept but it can be hard to do sometimes. Oddly enough, the ‘moving around more’ part, at least for me was never a problem. It was the eating less part that was tough. I hate feeling like my stomach is trying to digest itself. 🙁 Anyway, I saw this today and realized that keeping the food with you through out the day would help a lot. Lots of diets tell you to eat a bunch of small meals throughout the day but where do you keep the food? The Stax system solves this problem. The design is pretty clever. The food is loaded into color coded containers (protein, carbs, veggies, etc) and then into the bag. The bag has a gel pack to keep everything nice and chilly. It comes with a timer so you know when to chow down and the best part is you can use this with just about any diet you want. So if your looking to follow a diet you found in a book or prefer to ‘roll your own’ you can do both with this. It’s like a LEGO set for food, it gives you the tools to do the diet that works for you. Not too shabby.

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