The Hic-Cup Cures The Hiccups

The Hic-CupI hate getting the hiccups as much as the next guy. I’ve found that the ‘hold a pencil under your tongue while drinking water’ works best for me, sugar or a loud noise just never did it. As the familiar nerve spasms are not a common occurrence I don’t think I’d be in the right demographic for this particular item but it is fascinating.

Through the use of natural galvanic action, a mild ionic flow is created that initiates a sub-sensory bio-electric therapy. The liquid in the Hic-Cup is also Ionized by the galvanic action, adding to the potential for successful stimulation of the responsible nerves. It is believed that the “hiccup” nerves are “re-set” by this natural electric current that you cannot feel, and that this reliably ends the distressing spasms.

  So this mean that I can cure my hiccups with a mild jolt of electricity. Well then, I know what I’ll be doing the next time I come down with a case of singultus.

[via Medgadget]

Remedy Hiccups with the "Hic-Cup"