Micro Paper Planes

Micro paper airplane Don’t throw away those used metro cards and business cards! Make your very own fleet of paper airplanes from them. Heck, even post cards are fair game for your air force. Oh yeah, you don’t need to stick to fixed wing aircraft, you can build a helicopter if you have  the guts (this one will be hitting the ‘blogs soon I’m sure). Some designs are even powered by rubber bands! Simply amazing.


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Posted: November 26th, 2006
at 1:24am by John

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  1. […] Last one from what used to be “myspace” for the last 2 1/2 years: PapierfliegerKategorie: schöne Hobbys    Von HerrZee um 12:02 Wer hat sie nicht schongebastelt? Papierflieger. Aber wussten Sie, dass es Papierhelikopter gibt? Wala, so gehts: A:Cut along all the solid lines on the diagram to the right. B:Fold flap A forward and flap B to the back. C:Fold flaps C and D both forward along the dotted lines. D:Fold along the line E upward to give a weight at the bottom. E:Now this should look like the diagram at the top. You can scale up this model as much as you want. You just drop the model with the blades facing upwards and the weight at the bottom facing downwards for the best results. To get a full size diagram of the model to print off click on image and then print the image you get. Hier. Ferner gibt es Weltrekorde (27.6 Sekunden) Kleine und Grosse Papierflugzeuge. Und viele, viele andere… Das ganze muss natürlich noch vertont werden, hier das Lied dazu: M.I.A. “Paper planes” […]


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