All in One Microcontroller Kit

 Thames & Kosmos Computer systems engineering kit

If your looking for a nice turn key solution for learning microcontrollers this could be for you. The Thames & Kosmos Computer systems engineering kit has pretty much every thing you will need to get you started with electronics and microcontrollers:

  • microcontroller module
  • dual digital display module
  • 3 transistors
  • 7 light emitting diodes
  • motor
  • light sensor (light dependent resistor)
  • temperature sensor (negative temperature coefficient type)
  • potentiometer
  • microphone
  • buzzer
  • diodes
  • capacitors
  • resistors
  • switches
  • wires
  • contact clips
  • infrared interface device
  • USB to 9-pin serial adapter (RS-232 type)
  • software CD
  • portable case

You can pick one up from Amazon if you want.

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