Godzilla Shaped Building Proposed for Tokyo

Godzilla shaped building proposed for TokyoI know it’s just a crazy idea but if there would be a city to build a structure like this in it would have to be Tokyo. Just to mess with the heads of drunk salarymen would be good enough reason for me. However, I think it should be taken farther. Build a Mothra in Yokohama, a Rodan in Sapporo, and a Ebirah in Osaka. Then you could go on a true tour of Monster Island! I visited the ‘Golden Godzilla‘ in Tokyo, I’m sure others have too, but it’s kind of small. This would be more like what you would expect of a city like Tokyo. Anyway, there is an elephant shaped building in Bangkok so there should be one of ‘Zilla in Japan.

[via netorama

Idea: A building shaped like Godzilla

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  1. Its going to happen soon.We will have building which would tall enough to have parkings right in the same place when u buy a flat.I had seen in the movies an its going to be true soon.

    I heard long back japanese people have made buildings which can sustain earthquakes and still be taller

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