Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver Toy

I noticed that th BBC is selling a nifty toy from the latest Doctor Who series.

Authentic replica of the Doctor’s trusty Sonic Device. Activate in closed or open mode. Pressing the button on the Slide control activates the LED and AFX. Remove the hilt cap of the Screwdriver to write secret messages in Dalek/Gallifreyan codes. Use the UV Emitter to reveal hidden coded messages from your friends…and enemies. Codebook included.

Features: Replica Sonic Screwdriver
Slide-Out Sonic Wave Emmitter
Button activated Lights and Sound FX
Hidden UV Pen in handle
UV Light in Tip
Switchable UV Pen & Black Ink Pen both included.
3 LR44 batteries required, but NOT included 

It even makes noise

BBC Shop – Doctor Who: Electronic Sonic Screwdriver (With SFX & UV writer)