Becher on Becher by Kahn

I’m fascinated by this derivation of a photographic study.

Idris Khan’s super imposed photgraphs, trade on the rigourous methodology of Bernd and Hilla Becher. The Bechers photographed and catalogued industrial buildings around Germany and the USA, maintaining a strict set of guidelines that encouraged objective analysis and comparison between similar built types.
Khan’s photographs superimpose each photograph from one of the Becher’s series onto one another to form a single photograph. Admittedly (and I don’t want to play chicken and egg here…) the method is similar as that used in Megan Gould’s “Google Averages”as well as Jason Salavon’s “Every Playboy Centrefold”. However in this case the effect not one of an abstract blur but an emphasis in the similarity of form and the minor discrepancies of detail.

You can find more examples of the work of Idris Khan here.

Becher on Becher by Kahn : : architectural ephemera