Thomas Raschke – Wire Frame Sculptures

This is something nice, German artist Thomas Raschke creates metal real world representations of things that exist in the world of computer graphics, except without texture or even surfaces.

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Thomas Raschke – wire frames

Posted: February 2nd, 2007
at 8:53pm by John

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  1. hi this is from colombia.
    i work in a digital design studio called and i use 3d software to model objects. wireframe is an option to display modeled objects offered by 3d software. that is normal an the idea is old. this is a real wireframe but the amazing point here to admire is the concepto back. “nobody come iqual after a trip. this artis take the real object to model it after. become it to a wireframe and back it to th real world to model it in realwire. great. the concept is true.

    Diego Mauricio

    26 Feb 07 at 5:17 pm


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