A New Super 8 Film Camera

Ikonoskopds8Long live the Super 8 film format! There looks to be a new movie camera coming out soon (with a little help from the faithful):

The A-Cam DS8 will offer the same features as its Super 16mm brother, including interchangeable C-Mount lenses (the camera ships with a wide-angle f/1.5 9mm Kinoptic lens), parallel viewfinder, 100 ft film capacity, and microprocessor-synchronized frame rates between 6 and 37.5 frames per second. The camera weighs a mere 1.5 kg complete with lens, batteries and film.

Double Super 8 (DS8) is a hybrid format that uses 16mm wide film to capture Super 8 sized frames. One half of the film is exposed, the reels are flipped, and the other half is shot. The 16mm strip is cut into two 8mm-wide reels after processing.

If you want to order one (they need at least 25 pre-orders, but you get a discount) check the info at the bottom of the page after the leap:
Retro Thing: A New Super 8 Movie Camera!?