Homebrew Nintendo DS Cart Released For Mass Market

Very nice, makes me want a Nintendo DS all the more. I wonder if the games are any good. It would be quite the thing to have a photo viewer on one. Keep a card with holiday snaps with you and pop it in when you want to show them off.

Home brew games and music on the move with your DS! With Games ‘n’ Music, you can put your Nintendo DS or DS Lite at the centre of your digital lifestyle. You can use it to launch home brew games written for the DS and readily available on the internet, listen to your happening sounds with the device’s integrated MP3 player or even watch videos. And you don’t need to modify your console to use it… Games ‘n’ Music comes with a 128MB Micro SD card for you to store your games and data, and if that’s not enough, just slip in a new card and expand its capacity to up to 2GB. It’s really easy to use too. Just fit the Micro SD card into the USB adapter (supplied), plug it into your computer and drag and drop your files onto the card. It’s that easy!

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New Mass Market Homebrew Device for Nintendo DS