No Where To Go in London

London Bathroom by smoothdudeWell this sucks. If your going to visit London make sure you go to the bathroom before you get on the plane. Apparently there is a general lack of public bathrooms these days. Seems that the local authorities have been selling off the property to make an easy buck (or pound as the case may be) because of the skyrocketing costs of real estate over there (up 53 percent in just five years) and many public toilets have been given the axe. In other cases, multi stalled public facilities that had been on private property are now being renovated and turned into living spaces. Simply amazing… The answer to all this has been a rise of private luxury toilets  where, for 5 pounds ($10US) you can  receive a hand massage (no, not that kind!) and other pampering, or if your in a hurry just 1 pound and you can answer the call of nature without having to find a convenient alleyway or parked car.

Londoners Squirm as Public Toilets Grow Scarce; New Loo Is $10
(photo by smoothdude)