DIY Your Own Pinhole Blender

DIY Pinhole blender how-to (step 6) by bricolage.108This is a great tutorial on how you can build your own multi shutter pinhole camera using old film canisters and a metal can. Very inventive I must say. The images taken with this sort of camera blends together different scenes in a very organic (see examples) way that many people can only achieve these days using a graphics program like Photoshop. Does anyone still remember the bad old days when trial and error was the only way to do such photographic manipulation?

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If you want to buy one, check out the ‘original’ pinhole blender at

4 thoughts on “DIY Your Own Pinhole Blender”

  1. Hi John,

    The term Pinhole Blender is my trademark. Having my work copied is flattering because I know it must mean that I’ve produced a product that others enjoy and want. I appreciate that Bricolage and Photon Detector have included link backs to my site. Photon Detector hinted at my trademark by putting the Blender between quotes. Without a link back to me, the use of the term Pinhole Blender is an infringement on my trademark that I would like to stop. I will not be concerned if you use the term pinhole blending camera or if a link is included with my trademark Pinhole Blender.

    Chris Peregoy

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