R/C Helecopter With Rockets!

ROV with teethOne of the captions on the page says it all:

Unmanned Attack Helicopter, Ver. 2, 2004
Gas Powered Radio Control Helicopter modified to carry and remotely fire model rockets

Oh yeah… This would liven up the company picnic don’t you think? I wonder how he managed to ignite the rocket without throwing the chopper into a nasty spin? Any one else have something like this? BB gun mounted on a glider maybe?

The artist also has some very impressive sculptures listed in his online portfolio. I like the ‘Bronze Skull’ ones myself.

[via jaf project]
The Sculpture of Christopher Conte
Bronze Skull prototype

4 thoughts on “R/C Helecopter With Rockets!”

  1. Simple. Drop first, ignite second = no recoil.

    The only way you’d impart spin on the helicopter would be if you kept it attached while the rocket motor was lit.

  2. That’s what I was a wondering. Normally when things are launched from a craft it’s on a rail or a hook or clamped on to it in some fashion. If the rocket was freed from the craft before ignition then it’s accuracy would be reduced. Not to say that pin point targeting is called for here, I think the effect of a anything small and air born that can fire off a projectile would be stunning enough.

  3. can you send me a set of plans so i can do that with my copter and plane, please:)

  4. Jason: I’d love to but I didn’t build this. You’ll have to ask the artist who built it. There is a link to his site in the post. Thanks for reading TeamDroid!

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