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My very own LolcatWhile not having much to do with technology or science, it has everything to do with the Internet. Trust me, it’s one of those ‘meme‘ things the ‘net is full of these days. The whole ‘lolcat‘ thing had me confused as hell, I was wondering where all of the "I’m in ur [object], [present tense/derived nominal] ur [object]" cat photos were coming from. Turns out many of them might have been created on this site. Choose an image (or upload one of your own like I did), type in some l33t text and select the style you want. Preview and save. Go make your own, share them with your bewildered friends and smirk at your l33tness.

[via techchickblog]
LolCat Builder
Massive collection of photos all search able via tags on I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?

Posted: April 23rd, 2007
at 9:18pm by John

Categories: Cool,DIY,To be used for Evil


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  1. […] There looks to be a sudden influx of LOLcat creations lately. This one gives a new spin on the classic Star Trek episode "The Troubles With Tribbles". […]


  2. Please also note, that is a lolcat animator!.

    Meaning!, not only does it create lolcat, but you can “combine” different “frames” that you have on the go to an animated gif or a cmoic strip!.

    check out my blog for examples


    14 May 08 at 1:52 pm