Classic DIY Rubberband Plane Kits

Hishou rubber band aeroplaneI remember building one of these from scratch when I was a kid. Much to my amazement it flew pretty well. I wonder if this kit was available back then, probably not.

This rubber band propeller airplane kit is from Yoshida in Japan. The Hishou, with its 2 reverse propellers, dates from 1911, when it crossed the Sumida River in a model plane contest. The kit uses balsa wood, ultra-light Styrofoam, rubber bands and 125mm reverse pitch propellers. Illustrated instructions and glue are included. The kit is packed in a box with appealing graphics in Japanese and some English.

There is also a version called the ‘Crow‘ that only has one propeller but it’s still a classic design.
via Better Living Through Design]
Rubberband Plane Kit, Hishou