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Not that there can be much to talk about yet, but there you go. When ever the mythical iPhone erupts from the head of Steve and lands with a wet ‘plop’ on the shelves of Cingular stores (in a limited area only I bet) all the fawning Apple minions will have a place to sing the praise and squelch the gripes of the latest technological panacea. Bitter? Maybe, but I think that there is no way in hell that this phone can live up to the hype. The way I figure it will work out is that the phone will be pretty cool but the coolness will come with a price. And what a price it will be! I once owned a Danger Side Kick and had service through T-Mobile. The phone was great, but to use any of the services I had to pay an additional $30 a month. I’m sure there are some that scoff and say "$30? I spend more than that on gum a month" Well I don’t. Danger produced a quality very functional phone but all the ‘coolness’ was locked away by the carrier. I’m very confident that Apple will make a phone that is loaded with features but face it, cell phone companies are very good at making money. They do that by charging for everything. I’d have a slightly better opinion if the carrier that was chosen wasn’t Cingular but was someone like Helio. I find their flat rate virtually unlimited package quite attractive. It must be that if I buy something that obviously has all the features in it already I think I should be able to use them right out of the box. Eh, I guess we will all see if the iPhone is going to live up to the hype and not bankrupt it’s new owners.

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