Pclix LT100 – Timelapse Photos Made Easy

Pclix100 timerTime-laps photos are just plane neat. Being able to see the progress of a shadow across a wall or the movement of stars over the length of a night like stepping out of time. Most of the time you have to sit next to your camera and press the shutter ever few seconds if you want to do this, as far as I know no DSLs come equipped with an intervalometer. Well if your not up to hitting the button a thousand times just to get that breathtaking thunderhead building up then the Pclix LT100 might be just what your looking for.

With the Pclix LT100 you can trigger the shutter of a digital camera every second or every hundred hours plus anywhere in between all in one second increments.

Timelapse Photography using the Pclix LT100 and the digital camera you already own.

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