Pointless Taco Bell Post

Taco Bell hot sauceI happened to come across a stash of taco Bell hot sauce condiment packets today. Am I the last one to notice the little saying that are printed on them? Maybe not entire philosophical discourses like what can be found on cups of the fashionably prices cups of java at Starbucks. More like little quips. (I better be nice to Starbucks, I might have to get a second job there soon. I love your coffee! My loan was approved so I’ll be over in the morning for a cuppa.) Anyway, I decided to share some of the corporate cleverness that comes from Taco bell…

"Can I drive?" – I wish you could.
"I’m just doing this between films." – Keep your day job kid.
"Not it!" – Dibs!
"Thanks for rescuing me, Hot was getting on my nerves." – I’m putting you back.
"Will you marry me?" – Sure, I crave your sparkling wit.
"I collect straws." – I collect condiment packets, who would have thought we would meet?
"This space for rent. Inquire within."

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  1. A year after this post was written and I’m going to say no, you aren’t the last person. I think I am. 🙁

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