ArtRage 2

ArtRage 2

ArtRage 2 is a rather nice little illustration program that gives you the feeling that your working in the actual medium that is being simulated. I have a 4×6 Wacom graphics tablet with a pressure sensitive pen and all that stuff so I get a big kick out of being able to actually use the eraser in a program,. Oh sure, I could use Photoshop if I wanted to but that’s like chartering a bus just to go to the corner store. I like being able to doodle around with different kinds of ‘media’ effects with the pen. ArtRage 2 does just that and more. It’s easy to switch from pencil (variable lead hardness available by the way) to felt tip marker to acrylic paint just by clicking a button. It even blends paint like on a real canvas, except canvas doesn’t have layers and an erase feature. The whole thing reminds me of the old program ‘Fractal Design Painter’. That program is gone and any replacements cost quite a bit. ArtRage 2 is under $20US. Sweet!
ArtRage 2

Posted: July 4th, 2007
at 6:21pm by John

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