LOMO Meccano Erector Set

LOMO multisetFrom the makers of fine photographic equipment (that’s a joke folks):

Your days of mindless play and whimsical fancy have come to a close. Now that you have arrived at this important growth stage, your further development requires true inspiration – not the blithe bouncing of a rubber ball or cradling of a lifeless doll. Peel open your assigned LOMO Meccano Erector Set and prepare to greatly advance your powers of critical thought and mechanical prowess. Using this collection of precise modular instruments, you can erect the following five creations…

Alas, there looks to be only 100 available. However, for your $125US you do get one heck of a cool kit. With this set up you cam make an enlarger, a slide projector, a camera, a negative viewer, and a magnifying glass. If you ask me it’s worth the price. Little known fact, pretty much any camera that has a bulb setting and a back that opens can be used as a photographic enlarger. I used to use a medium format twin lens reflex camera as an enlarger when I didn’t have a proper darkroom. The results were not perfect but it did get the job done. I think I see a future DIY project here…
[via MAKE]
LOMO Meccano Erector Set

Posted: July 13th, 2007
at 6:12am by John

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