CK Pinhole Photography Resources

CK Pinhole Photography ResourcesI ran across this a few days ago:

Being a photographer who is passionate about pinhole photography, I wanted to create a complete all-in-one internet resource that offers information for the beginner, amateur and professional pinhole photographer. I hope you find this information helpful whatever your pinhole interests are.

Maybe one day a few of my pinhole projects will end up on this fine list.

[ CK ] Pinhole Photography Resources

2 thoughts on “CK Pinhole Photography Resources”

  1. Thanks John and Team Droid for posting this link here. And thank you for calling your DIY High Capacity Panoramic Pinhole Camera project to my attention. Creative information that further serves the art of pinhole photography well.

  2. Cool, I will do that! I have lots of projects in mind and I just have to make time to do them all.

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