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FPVJust over a year ago I noted a page where a guy had rigged up a telepresence system using a video transmitter with a servo that is slaved it to a head tracking system. The results were pretty good. He might have sparked a new fad amongst R/C fans.

This website is here to help others who are interested video piloting in the newly growing and exciting Hobby of First Person View (FPV or RPV) that has become popular with Radio Controlled airplanes, R/C helicopters, cars and boats.
What is First Person View? also known as FPV, it’s an intelligent term given to video-piloting by one of the pioneers of this kind of flight (cyber-flyer*) describing the use of video camera(s) to pilot a RC heli/plane by sending the video back to the user by a wireless transmitter/ receiver so the user will see what the plane sees.  So in short this puts you in the pilot seat of your RC airplane. For a lot of people this makes flying RC even more fun and gives the user a real since of controlling there aircraft/vehicle.  Most people who enjoy piloting by video and do well with it are typically persons who like video simulation games like flight simulators. Among others are Full-size aircraft pilots, they seem to pick it up quite easily.

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FPV Video Home Page

Posted: November 23rd, 2007
at 6:35pm by John

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