It’s Halloween Again!

Over the years I have put together a few costumes for Halloween. Some took a few hours, some took days to build. The DIY Cricket bat and the robot costume have been my favorites:

Robot costume“In 2004 I ended up having some time on my hands about three days before a big Halloween party. I did what anyone would do, I built robot costume out of cardboard boxes and dryer hose.
Sorry the photos aren’t better, for some weird reason I had set my camera on super low file size. I wish I had taken more shots of the build but I was trying to meet a deadline.”

Follow the link to read more about this fun costume:
Cardboard Robot Halloween Costume of Doom

Foree Electric badge
“At the last second I decided to go ahead and make a Halloween costume. I was inspired by a commercial for the movie ‘Shaun of the Dead‘. Funny zombie movie. How cool would that be? I mean I’m going to go out and oversee my kids why not wear something fun? I quickly collected that basics, white shirt, red tie, name badge, and a cricket bat. The first three are easy, I can either make or buy those but a cricket bat is something that I’m a bit short on. I’ve held one before so I know what they look like up close so armed with that and a few photos off the ‘net I can come up with something that should look pretty close to a bat. As I don’t have a wood shop I am going to be using the classic cardboard for the blade. I have a wooden stake from some get rich fast crook that posted his ads illegally on the property my office is located at. At lest something honest came from their signs. Hot glue, gaffers tape… I’m set…”

DIY cricket bat
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