Cylon Makeover for the Commodore 64

The venerable Commodore 64 is set to rise again in 2010, or the Commodore USA website would lead you to believe. Apparently it will support various OS, Windows, Ubuntu, Apple (unofficially only), Chrome, Aros, Comodo (whatever those last two are) packs a quad core Intel CPU, 4 GB memory, DVD drive… However, I call shenanigans on the whole thing. Aside from looking like a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica, the critter looks exactly like the Zero Footprint PC offered by Cybernetman. Yeah, I think this is the case of someone wanting to cash in on the classic Commodore name (but where is the ‘C64’ logo we all know and love, eh?). Still, an all in one keyboard/PC would be useful in a small office or a students desk.

Commodore USA Phoenix tech specs

Posted: March 26th, 2010
at 8:27pm by John

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