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Optimus Upravlator Keyboard

Humm, not quite the keyboard that was shown around the Internet like a gold plated dancing monkey a few months ago but it’s close.

The Upravlator keyboard is an input device of a new type. Within the case, a 10.8″ LCD screen with a resolution of 800×600 pixels is enclosed. Over the screen, there is a board with 12 transparent buttons. Every button features four contacts (at the top, at the bottom, on the left, and on the right). Pressing the button in the middle is possible, too (“fifth contact”)
Besides the power supply cord, Upravlator uses another two cords for connection to a computer (USB and VGA). To plug the video cable, the second monitor port (available in most configurations) or the second video card are used (the choice of the video card is up to you, it’s not part of the standard package).
Upravlator uses open standards and protocols, which will make it easier for developers to create applications. The to work under Windows and Mac OS X.
device is going
Expected to be available for sale in the second half of 2007.
Patents pending.

Ok, I’ll help out with their viral marketing, it’s cool enough for that. These things would be killer for voice over IP phone systems. Many times they use either an LCD sidecar (box on the side of the phone that costs an obscene amount of cash) or an application that runs on your PC (PC needs to be on all the time, the license costs an obscene amount of cash and extra software on computers is just bad.). This would replace the sidecar and be driven from the phone or the PC. Extra keyboard and screen all in one. Well I think it’s a cool idea. Yeah…

 [via thegadgetblog]

Optimus Upravlator keyboard

Posted: November 5th, 2006
at 5:21pm by John

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DIY Photobooth Project

Photo booth




Now this could be some serious fun at a large party. Who will be the first to add an input screen and make your very own sicker photo booth (purikura)? These would be simple enough to make as a portable unit, maybe mount it on the back of a bike so you would have a mobile booth. Cool street party fun!

This is a tutorial on how to build your own photobooth much like the traditional ones seen at malls, amusement parks, and shopping centers the world over. This booth however is completely digital and is much much cheaper/easier to do at home…

[via MAKE]

DIY Photobooth

Posted: November 3rd, 2006
at 4:41pm by John

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The Differential Analyzer Explained

I was running around the Internet a few days ago and happened across this web page on Meccano hobbyists. It gives a great explanation of how an analog computer works.

The Differential Analyzer solves differential equations by integration. It makes use of one or more wheel and disc integrators (or Kelvin-disc integrators), interconnected by shafts in various ways to suit the problem equations. The process of integration can be illustrated by the simple example of the acceleration of a car. This can be represented for input by a curved graph showing speed varying with time. Say one wanted to find out the distance traveled in a certain time, say five minutes. The period of 5 minutes can be divided into much smaller intervals of say 10 seconds each, and assuming a constant speed over each interval from the graph, a distance traveled for each interval is calculated. The sum of the distances traveled in successive intervals is then the total distance traveled. The smaller the interval taken the more accurate will be the result. This is called Integration, and is the function performed by the integrator in a continuous manner.

 Best of all, with a bit of work these can be made out of Meccano (Erector) sets.

The Differential Analyser Explained

Posted: November 1st, 2006
at 5:12am by John

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Virtual Reality Never Looked So Cool

360 headgear Aside from looking like you stuck your hed in a giant… somthing, this device is for virtual reality type simulations.

The still experimental 6-pound bubble-headed helmet has infrared sensors on top that detect which way the wearer’s head is moving. A projector in the back of the helmet displays corresponding images on a 16-inch screen right before the user’s eyes.

I’m sure in a few years they will have this cut down to a more manageable size. 

Newsvine – Headgear Shows Images in 360-Degree View

Posted: October 31st, 2006
at 5:29am by John

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TWiT is Dead, Long Live Net@Night

net@night Sweet! I was a bit annoyed when I found out that my favorite podcast, er, netcast, ‘This Week in Tech’ (TWiT) had been put on hold because no one was available. Thats burn out, pretty sure of that. Anyway, Leo Laporte is back! He and Amber MacArthur will be doing a tech review show so we can still get our dose of Leo. I’ll miss the grumpy Dvorak but maybe he will be back as a guest. The cool think about all this is the show will be netcast’ed live so people can call in. I love that! That to me is the one big dynamic thing that podcasting, er, netcasting (I’ll get that right someday) has been missing. Radio call in shows have been doing it for decades but that works because of the serious money used to get phone lines, equipment, and hardware. If this software they they are using (Talkshoe) works then this could be the start of a true revolution in Internet entertainment. Think if Sirius used this during their regular Internet radio broadcasts?

Amber and I are proud to announce the first live TWiTcast. We’re reinventing Inside the Net, and renaming it net@nite. You’ll still be able to listen to the show as a podcast every Tuesday, but you can also listen live as we record it Sunday nights. Even better, you can participate.

Web 2.0 on TWiT 2.0

Posted: October 27th, 2006
at 7:41pm by John

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Vista Home Basic is a Lemon?

Microsoft Vista

Ok, so I’m asking myself how is this news? I mean, what do you expect from a company like Microsoft? If you don’t pay for the gold you only get brass. It’s like if you buy the standard version of Office, you get Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point. That’s at a suggested retail price of $399. Now what you don’t get is Access, that’s their database application. If you want that you have to buy the pro version and that’s another $100. Life would be so much better if they included Access with their office suite, people do the worst things in Excel just because they don’t have a good (read any) database app. Man! Well, ok this post was about Vista so I had better say a little bit about it. I have a copy (legal, Bill sent it to me himself) of RC1 at work and it runs OK. I don’t have a *&%$ expensive graphics card to power the system so the Pentium 4 3GHz with 1 GB or RAM is only benching at a 2.2. Geeze! That’s some heavy software! The ‘Aero’ components remind me of the transparent Linux windows from about three years ago so nothing big there. The Widgets or Gizmos or whatever the hell they call they desktop cycle wasters are OK but dated. Other than that it’s much like working on my Mac but has more a Windows feeling. That means the OS treats me like child and offers advice and won’t let me see all the goodies until i much with the settings. I’m sticking with XP, I can’t afford paying $200+ for a un-crippled version of Vista.

"The new [Vista] experience you hear of, if you get Basic, you won’t feel it at all. There’s no [Aero] graphics, no Media Center, no remote control."

Vista Home Basic is a lemon

Posted: October 27th, 2006
at 7:10pm by John

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