Belgium Doesn’t Exist!

Ceci n'est pas une nation
This stunning fact was brought to my attention today:

For too long we have been told lies. The existence of the supposed European country of Belgium has been taken as gospel for years by members of the Liberati. It has long been held up as a shining example of Liberal philosophies in action. However, now is the time the truth be known. Belgium doesn’t exist…

I ,like you, were shocked to discover this. I can only hope that more people will see through the hoax and right the wrong that is the hoax of Belgium. BTW, don’t miss the shocking truth about the moon (it’s a fake no matter what your eyes tell you) and "Wisconsin: The Innocent State That Isn’t".

Belgium Doesn’t Exist!

Replica Submarine Make Waves

Photo credit: ABC NewsYou just have to love New York…

A man in a Revolutionary War-era submarine was cited by the U.S. Coast Guard for drifting into a security zone, and for unsafe sailing in New York’s East River near the Queen Mary 2 luxury liner, the Coast Guard and New York City Police Department said Friday.

I remember when I first saw a drawing of the famous ‘Turtle‘ I was fascinated by the entire concept. It’s a good thing that I didn’t live around any lakes or I might not have survived my childhood.
I applaud the artist for making such a cool contraption I have to wonder why he didn’t think of the obvious repercussions of taking such a craft into a busy water way. Lights, reflectors, having a line to a boat… I’m all for the coolness of an adventure like this but you have to use some common sense and think about safety.
(sorry about the headline, it was such an obvious joke I just had to do it)
ABC News: NYC Man Cited for 1775 Submarine
Adventures With an Egg – Flickr photoset
Duke Riley home page

Chimera Embryos Need Rights Say Bishops

As my good friend Greg (who told me of this story) pointed out "Have these people not read The Island of Dr. Moreau?" Well said Greg!

Hybrid animal-human embryos created for medical research should be viewed as human and permitted to develop into children, Roman Catholic bishops have urged the British parliament.

Arrgh… My inner scientists cringes at this.  Sure, we could use a race of lion men to defend our borders and what better to attend to the sick than bunny girls but I know that the Bishop has no concept of this utilitarian purpose and that any decent scientists with any sense of morals or ethics would never bring one of these monstrosities to term. Who is the mad man here, the man of faith or the man of science?
He probably thinks that the hideously deformed offspring would make a great argument that all science is evil and must be burned with the pure fires of mythic faith. He may feel that it also prove, so one might say, that god has mighty compassion for these poor creatures and has allowed them to live and we must worship him/it all the more because of it. If it’s the ‘every egg is a future contributor to the churches coffers’ (ok, a little crass there, I’ll admit that but by all accounts true) argument, then we might as well shoot all the teachers, lobotomize the scientists, and turn the calenders back to the year 1200.

Animal-human embryos need human rights, bishops say | Reuters

iPhone Autopsy Photos, The Horror, The Horror…

iPhone DisassemblyWell the elusive iPhone has been captured, dissected and photographed and is now ready to be stuffed and mounted. Somewhere in the night time sky a star has gone out.

[via MAKE]
iPhone Disassembly

If your all keen on getting one of these marvels on modern telephony technology you may want to get the perfect book for any iPhone owner:
iPhone For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))

Pointless Taco Bell Post

Taco Bell hot sauceI happened to come across a stash of taco Bell hot sauce condiment packets today. Am I the last one to notice the little saying that are printed on them? Maybe not entire philosophical discourses like what can be found on cups of the fashionably prices cups of java at Starbucks. More like little quips. (I better be nice to Starbucks, I might have to get a second job there soon. I love your coffee! My loan was approved so I’ll be over in the morning for a cuppa.) Anyway, I decided to share some of the corporate cleverness that comes from Taco bell…
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