Nahuelito The Argentine Lake Monster


Humm, a sharp guy with a camera got these ‘too good to be true’ photos of a lake monster called Nahuelito that is said to inhabit a lake in Argentina. To me it looks like a spray painted plastic flamingo and a few old inner tubes but that’s just my opinion. But it could be a real cryptid, one just as real as the rare harry toed sickle back frog of the Kalahari.

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Spottings of the Paranormal 

Do you think that the critters that keep getting into your garbage at night might not just be raccoons? Do you think that the thing in the sky that the news said was just a ‘weather balloon’ shouldn’t be easily dismissed? Ever have gaps of ‘missing time’ in your day? Do you think that things are not quite what they seem? If so then you should head over to and read up on the latest in the strange, the paranormal and the weird.

Print Your Own Rulers!

Printable rulers 


This is exactly what I have been looking for. I have a Moleskine notepad that I keep with me at all times and I don’t know how often I’ve needed a ruler that is marked in millimeters. One of these rulers has already been added to the collection of goodies I keep within the covers of my intrepid notebook. I think I’ll print out the color square rulers too just in case I need to take any photos that need a scale next to it. Never know when I might see a bigfoot track out in the wild.

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Quick Printable Rulers 

An Explosion on the Moon

Moon Boom! 

On November 7th of this year scientists that were testing a telescope managed to spot an impact on the moon. This sort of this has been seen a few times before, mostly during heavy meteor showers such as the Leonids. 

NASA scientists have observed an explosion on the moon. The blast, equal in energy to about 70 kg of TNT, occurred near the edge of Mare Imbrium (the Sea of Rains) on Nov. 7, 2005, when a 12-centimeter-wide meteoroid slammed into the ground traveling 27 km/s.

Well that’s the cover story that ‘they’ want you to believe. What actually happened is that the UN Space Forces launched a covert strike on the hidden Nazi moon base that is located on the far side. The German research into rocket science was more successful than the scientists that we ‘liberated’ let on. Our German scientists were not the ‘best of the best’ as we would have like to have believes, not by a long shot. The real researchers were able to perfect the  methods of heavy lifting needed to place large installations in space. While this was happening, a core group of technicians, scientists, and military personal that were not loyal to the party line split off an formed their own black space program towards the end of WWII. In the turmoil of the coming end of the Third Reich, they used the cover of bombing raids and the explosions of ‘sabotaged’ factories as cover while they launched their group into space and ultimately to the moon where they established a base on the far side. Over the decades the UN has detected strange signals emanating from this remote but thriving base and fear the worst; the coming of the Fourth Reich. The bright flash that these astronomers witnessed was not an impact of a chunk of rock but the explosion of a failed attempt to wipe out the moon base. The missile was deflected by a force dome or other device that protects the undoubtly evil citizens of the Nazi moon base. Fear the coming of the space Nazi invasion fleet, it’s only a matter of time until they strike!

NASA – An Explosion on the Moon

Sonoma Sasquatch Footage


Here is the most recent Sasquatch (Bigfoot, whatever) I have seen. The footage made me a bit on the woozy side but I’ll admit that there is something there. I can’t see how someone can dismiss the idea that it’s a guy in a monkey suit with extra long arms. I’m quite sure that the ‘experts’ will be pouring over this clip for some time to come.

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Sonoma Footage