CyberBug UAV


These things are so darn cool. I love the idea of telepresence.

Base weight is 2.6 pounds, takes five minutes to assemble, and will loiter on target up to 3-1/2. It has a GPS over lay on its joystick driven control box and it equipped with a visible camera and could use an optional IR camera if you want to shell out the bucks. And speaking of that, this is going to run you about $11,000US!

Cyber Defense Systems Inc.

The Coso Artifact


As always, make sure you don’t check your brain at the door when you read this stuff.

In February of 1961, three amateur gem collectors dug a mechanical gizmo encased in fossil-encrusted rock out of a mountainside in the Southern California desert. They didn’t know what it was, and began showing it to friends and associates. Within a few years this thingummy, which became known as the Coso artifact, had assumed an almost mythic importance. It consisted of a cylinder of what seemed to be porcelain with a 2-millimeter shaft of bright metal in its center, enclosed by a hexagonal sheath composed of copper and another substance they couldn’t identify.

[ via Unexplained Mysteries ]
Archaeology from the dark side
If you still want to read more about the Coso artifact and want photos (and an explanation of what it actually is) , try here.

Clavius Moon Base

Moon Base Clavius

I found this while researching my Abandoned Spaceship and Moon Buggies post – this is a must read site, if only for the ‘Why a Conspiracy’ page.

Moon Base Clavius is an organization of amateurs and professionals devoted to the Apollo program and its manned exploration of the moon. Our special mission is to debunk the so-called conspiracy theories that state such a landing may never have occurred.

Clavius Moon Base – debunking the moon hoax

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Abandoned Spaceships and Moon Buggies

LM Site

Good. High time that the moon landing hoax nuts are put in their place. But wait, as they are ‘true believers‘ they will cry out about the obvious conspiracy that has taken place. The images will have been doctored, robotic dummy landers will have been landed (true, some people think that men did not go to the moon but the hardware did), or something even wilder will be the reason that the Apollo hardware is seen in the images. I’m hoping that they will get some high resolution images of the poles and prehaps find some nice places for future landings. We need a base up there.
(BTW, I’m putting this in the ‘paranormal’ catagory just because I don’t have much in there.)

The spacecraft’s high-resolution camera, called “LROC,” short for Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera, has a resolution of about half a meter. That means that a half-meter square on the Moon’s surface would fill a single pixel in its digital images.
Apollo moon buggies are about 2 meters wide and 3 meters long. So in the LROC images, those abandoned vehicles will fill about 4 by 6 pixels.

NASA – Abandoned Spaceships and Moon Buggies

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Sasquatch is a Bison?


Eh, not the cryptid that they were looking for I’m afraid. Still, it is a good thing that they went a head and ran the DNA and made sure. I personaly don’t think that there are such things as bigfoot or sasquatch or even a yeti. I think that people will see what they want to see and that will never change. But you know, I’ve been wrong before but this time I think I’m right.

Bison isn’t sasquatch

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