Can you Hear Me Now?

Have something to day? Want to send that message to outer space? This is your chance. I don’t know if this will have any results but what the heck, give it a try. Better you send a message that aother race hears than them seeing episodes of “I love Lucy” — The World’s First Intergalactic Communication System.


Fun Science Gallery

Wow! It’s rare that I find a page with so many cool projects and topics!

Glass-Sphere Microscope
Stereoscopic Microscope
One-Dollar Microscope
Stereo-Zoom Microscope
High-Magnification Stereoscopy
The Sky in a Room
Panoramic Pictures
Panoramic Camera
Blood Cells
Experiments on Electrochemistry
Environmental Exploration
How to Find Ideas for Science Fairs
Exp. on Environmental Ed. and Biology
Surface Phenomena and Colloids
Experiments With Acids and Bases

Fun Science Gallery

Star Wars Lego Death Star II

Thats not a moon...
I know one person that would love to get one of these at Christmas…

The Death Star II. This awesome replica of the Death Star from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi has 3441 pieces, includes a stand and Imperial Star Destoyer to scale, and measures 25 inches high and 19 inches wide with stand. How much you say? USD $299.00, to be released September of 2005.



Nukes in Space

I can’t wait until this is launched. I think that once a high powered ion driven probe zips out to someplace like Jupiter and brings near live (after accounting for light delay) video of what it is looking at the public will love the idea of atomic power in space. Man, active powerful radar and a larger science package that ever dreamed of… Wow…

Prometheus looks to nuke future

(nuclear, space, atomic power, NASA)