The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Don’t be a strag, you have to catch the hoopiest film to hit the silver screen in ages!
The Vogons look pretty good, I like Ford and Arthur, and Zaphod is, well Zaphod. His other head has looked better in the past, but you have to make some allowances if your the President of the Galaxy, but it’s nice to see that he kept his third arm (you can never outgrow ski boxing, can you?)
Grab your towel and your Sub-etha Sens-o-matic and be first in line!
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Space Elevator

Space Elevator

I hope that one of these gets built before I die. Anything that will get mass out of the gravity well is a good thing. Something like this could make space travel a reality for just about anybody.

The Space Elevator Reference brought to you by SpaceRef – The Space Elevator Comes Closer to Reality
Wired – To the moon in a space elevator?
NASA – Audacious & Outrageous: Space Elevators

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Apollo 11 – 17 Mission First man on the Moon – Fullscreen QTVR Photos

Here are a slew of fantastic panoramic images taken on the surface of the moon during the Apollo missions. The negatives have been rescanned and stiched together to form these breathtaking 360 degree images.

Apollo 11 – 17 Mission First man on the Moon – Fullscreen QTVR photo from
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