Erawan Shrine – Hammered Down.

Brahma statue

I was reading Metroblog Bangkok the other day and saw that a crazy guy went on a rampage and smashed the famous Erawan shrine. He didn’t get away, two street sweepers have been charged with second degree murder for beating him after he got hung up on a fence as he was trying to escape. I don’t think he was that crazy if he knew to escape after  destroying the Hindu statue.

Man beaten to death after desecrating the Erawan Shrine



Food on EVA Air 

After just finishing up another long flight from Thailand to the states, I was reminded of a site that I had seen a long time ago.  Who would have thought that there would be a site dedicated to photos of food served on airlines? (Takes all sorts doesnt it?) This is just about what I has for breakfast on my last EVA Air flight, it was pretty darn good too! No hash browns though, just these mashed potato chip things. The food was great on all my flights, that happens when your not flying US domestic routes. If you have to fly from the US to anywhere in Asia make sure you use a company that is foreign! The food and service are so much better than a US airline would be.

Airline – Airline catering * largest site about airline catering and nothing but that… 🙂